Meet the Outreach Team!

By August 23, 2019 July 22nd, 2020 News, News_CompPlan

Durham is embarking on an exciting planning process to create a new Comprehensive Plan for the City and County. We know that the foundation of a good plan is ensuring that all of the community is given ample opportunity to have their voices heard and to shape the process – that’s where the Outreach Team comes in. The Outreach Team was formed specifically to ensure that the process is authentically community-driven by  purposefully engaging vulnerable, hard-to-reach, and underrepresented people who have been excluded or marginalized in prior planning processes. After the call for nominations went out to over 10,000 contacts, 160 nominees expressed interested and were invited to participate as an Outreach Team member. The kick-off Outreach Team meeting was held on July 25, 2019 and included 108 members of the team. Durham is excited to continue working with this diverse, talented, and dedicated group of individuals as we work together towards a more equitable Durham.

The Outreach Team will use a word-of-mouth approach to attract and invite people into the Durham Comprehensive planning process. The Outreach Team will work closely with the planning team – City-County planning staff and the planning consultant team, Communications Team and other community organizations to encourage attendance at community engagement events. The Outreach team will directly shape the engagement process to ensure equitable and accessible participation for everyone who wants to help shape the future of Durham.

The team will meet several times during the public engagement effort, during the 3-year process, specifically in advance of major community engagement events.

The Outreach Team is made up of the following members:

Brooks Adams
Monica Aguirre
Erim Akpan
Destiny Alexander
Abukamau Ali-Ibrahim
Aquaris Anderson
Tanessa Atwater
Kimberley Basnight
Jennifer Bennett
Pamela A. Bivens
Lisa Brach
David P. Bradway
Jessica Braverman
Courtney S. Brown
Roman  Bunker
Shanetta Burris
Susan Callaghan
Ashley Canady
Bronwyn Charlton
Linda Chen
Fredrick Davis II
Laura Marie Davis
Dr. Betty Dennis
Angel Iset Dozier
Tracy Drakeford-Pierce
Tiffany Elder
Yarida Escobar
Vannessa Mason Evans
Susan Ferguson
Dick Ford
Camillia Foust
Bryan Fox
Marchell Franklin
Donna Frederick
Tisha Hardy
David Harris

Tia Hassell
Denise Hester
Christine Hill
Mine Thornton Hill
Ruebe Holmes
Camille Jackson
Tawana Jackson
Ashley Taylor Jacobs
Bryce Jahner
Dan Jewell
Tanya Johnson
Charlie  Jones
Cornell Jordan
Kai Kelley Jr.
Mimi Kessler
Justin Landwehr
Anne V. Lebo
Jacob Lerner
Katie Rose Levin
Sade Lewis
George A. Long Sr
Marcos Ltlahuan
I Jarvis Martin
Ada Massenburg
Alex McCarn
Rita McDaniel
Laquita McDonald
Dietrich McMillan
Maria Eugenia Mejia
Dave Milkereit
Michael Miller
Bruce Mitchell
Melvin Mitchell
Mary Molina
Gloria Morgan
Edward Mozzir


SSG Kibwe G. MuDiwa
Patricia Obregon
Toneka Oliver
Aidil Oritz
Emily Page
Devohn Paris Phillips
Ellen Pless
Phil Post
Jancey D. Quinitchette
Whitney Rich
Justin Rife
Edward Rizzuto
Ashley Robbins
Jacob Rogers
Maria Salaza
Donald Jr. Salmon
Ethel Simonetti
Sheri Starks
Z. Sunderland
Pam Swinney
Veronica Terry
Daniela R. Trujillo
Ines Trujillo
Kim Tyler
Alexandra Valladares
George H. Vaughan
Ann Von Holle
Selena Waite
Jamilah Watson
Kay Webb
Elisabeth Wiener
Demarcus Williams
Dian Wilson
Will Wilson
Constance Wright
Shannon Wright