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Use this page to find out about new engagement opportunities and have a say in the new Durham Comprehensive Plan and Transit Plan

Elaine Hyman, immediate past Chair of the Durham City-County Planning Commission, would like to welcome you to the ENGAGEDurham process for the new Comprehensive Plan and Transit Plan.


What is your ideal Durham?

As we engaged the community last Fall and Winter 2019, we heard common themes from residents about things they’d like to see in an ideal Durham:  

Affordable housing 
Good public transportation 
Access to quality food
Health and wellness
A sense of belonging
Racial justice
Good schools
Opportunities for good jobs
Places to learn and play
A clean environment 


During the final months of 2020, building on the above themes, Planning staff drafted objectives from resident input, prioritizing what we heard from residents who we haven’t heard from or listened to in the past. These drafts were shared out for further resident input through multiple engagement opportunities from November 2020 through February 2021. The Planning team is  working with the input we’ve received to finalize the goals and objectives for the new Comprehensive Plan. Concurrently, the Transit Plan team has developed goals and objectives for the new Transit Plan. 

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Comprehensive Plan September 2021 Project Updates

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Policy Working Groups have begun! Stay tuned for engagement opportunities coming next month and throughout this Fall!  We wanted to send a quick update as we’re gearing up to begin our next major phase of engagement on the Comprehensive Plan!  To develop the Comprehensive Plan, multiple groups have been formed, including the Outreach Team, Staff Technical Team,…

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What's coming next?

Once we have finalized the Community Goals and Objectivesstaff will work with residents to create a map and set of policies to cover the entirety of Durham. The goals and objectives show the community’s vision for how Durham grows and the map and policies will implement that vision. In other words, the map and set of policies will act as a guide or set of rules that must be followed as Durham grows and develops. 

Our general approach for this next phase of the planning process is to take a detailed look into a few specific parts of DurhamThe Comprehensive Plan needs to have general policies that can be applied to every part of Durham. So, focusing on a few different areas across Durham will show us which objectives, goals and policies are applicable in those areas and potentially applied to other places. This will ensure that everything works together and we’re thinking holistically about the future we want for Durham. Please sign up for Comprehensive Plan updates to hear more about our upcoming plans and engagement opportunities!