Updates on Engagement for the Comprehensive Plan and Transit Plan

Updates on Engagement for the Comprehensive and Transit Plan

The Planning and Transit teams are working together to begin engaging the Durham Community around draft goals and objectives for two important plans – the Transit Plan and the Comprehensive Plan.

The Transit Plan Survey is now open! The Transit team has drafted goals and objectives for the Transit Plan based on the Listening and Learning phase and additional past engagement such as Participatory Budgeting and resident focus groups for the annual City-County Resident Satisfaction Survey. The team has released a survey to make sure we understand residents’ public transportation priorities and that they are reflected in the Transit Plan goals and objectives. The survey also includes a question on the Comprehensive Plan. The goals and objectives for the Comprehensive Plan are currently being drafted using input from the Listening and Learning phase and pilot engagement efforts this summer. Community-wide engagement opportunities on the Comprehensive Plan goals and objectives will be coming soon.

Take the Survey!

We have started recruiting Engagement Ambassadors to help engage residents on the Transit and Comprehensive Plans! Engagement Ambassadors are Durham residents who receive a stipend to help the City and County engage hard-to-reach and underrepresented communities. Ambassadors are part of or have a connection to communities in Durham that have traditionally not been included in planning processes.  

Currently we are focused on reaching:  

  • Residents who live in Durham Housing Authority properties; 
  • Residents of Bahama, Rougemont, or other rural areas of northern Durham County;  
  • Youth;  
  • Seniors;  
  • People with disabilities;  
  • People who ride the bus;  
  • Hispanic and Latino residents;  
  • People who are or have been justice involved;  
  • People who have experienced housing insecurity;  
  • People with low income or low wealth. 

If you’re interested in becoming an engagement ambassador, please visit engagedurham.com/ambassadors to tell us a little bit about yourself and your connections to the community! 

The two most discussed topics in our first engagement sessions were Transit and Housing. These topics will be the focus of the work of Engagement Ambassadors.  

Finally, we wanted to let folks know about an opportunity to guide the implementation of new programs and services to meet more immediate needs of Durham residents: Participatory Budgeting (PB) Cycle 2 will be launching this Fall with a brand new focus. To learn more about changes to the PB process and how you can decide how $1 million is spent in your community visit www.pbdurham.org to find more information. 

Updated Websites

The ENGAGEDurham website has been updated! Visit www.engagedurham.com to take a look. 

The website update places a bigger focus on the two main projects underway with ENGAGEDurham: the Transit Plan and the Comprehensive Plan. The redesigned website makes it easier to learn what both projects have accomplished so far, what they are currently working on, and how to get involved. Both websites are fully available in English and Spanish.  

The updates to the website were a collaborative effort, with contributions from our Outreach Team and others to develop content, respond to graphic design layouts, and generally give feedback on what folks might want to see on a project website. As always, we are extremely grateful for the excellent perspective and work from all volunteers to make a better ENGAGEDurham website!