Comprehensive Plan March 2021 Project Updates

Community Goals and Objectives – What’s Next? 

Through Engagement Ambassadors, small groups discussions, and online surveys, we’ve been getting great input from residents on the draft Community Objectives for the Comprehensive Plan! We’re organizing that data as it comes in to set ourselves up to spend March understanding the input and making revisions to the goals and objectives. Like in our work drafting the objectives, we’ll start with what we heard from Engagement Ambassadors’ sessions and small group discussions to make sure we’re prioritizing the perspectives of folks who have been excluded from these conversations in the past.   

After incorporating your input the formal process to adopt the Community Goals and Objectives will begin. We want to make sure that you know what the process for adoption of the Community Goals and Objectives will be, provide specific dates of meetings, and invite you to attend and speak about this work. Here is a schedule of what is upcoming: 

On March 9 the Planning Commission heard background on the Community Goals and Objectives – this was an informational agenda item – they did not make any official decisions or recommendations at this session. Here is a link to the agenda for the meeting, here is a link directly to the agenda item for the Community Goals and Objectives, and here is a link to view the meeting recording on YouTube 

April 27 – Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the Community Goals and Objectives – they will receive the revised goals and objectives for this meeting and will hear comments from residents for or against adopting the Community Goals and Objectives. Planning Commission’s role is to make a recommendation to the City Council and Board of County Commissioners to approve or to disapprove the Community Goals and Objectives. Each member of the Planning Commission will vote to recommend that City Council and Board of County Commissioners approve or disapprove the goals and objectives. 

May – City Council and Board of County Commissioners will each hear a similar information item (like the March 9 Planning Commission session) at one of their work sessions planned for May (we will provide dates when they are scheduled).  

June – City Council and Board of County Commissioners – we will then be asking our elected officials to hold a joint session for a public hearing (like the April 27 Planning Commission session) likely in June. This will be a special session because these two groups don’t normally consider plans together. Elected officials will also receive the revised Community Goals and Objectives for this meeting, hear comments from residents for or against them, and will make a final decision by vote on whether to approve or disapprove the goals and objectives.

Help shape the Southeast Durham Focus Area 

A major part of creating a Comprehensive Plan is to work with the community to develop a new future land use plan and policies (learn more about this at the link below!). To start this work, the Planning Department has been asked by City Council to focus first on the southeastern area of Durham to provide early guidance before the entire Comprehensive Plan is adopted. This area is bounded by Sherron Road, Highway 98, Carpenter Pond Rd, and U.S. Highway 70, and is primarily the area to be served by the city’s new Southeast Regional Lift Station. View a map of the study area.  

We need your help understanding community needs and priorities for this area so we can develop new future land use designations that are consistent with what the community wants to see from the draft goals and objectives for the Comprehensive Plan.  

You can find more background information, take a survey, and add comments to an interactive map of the study area on our online engagement site, Social Pinpoint: