Comprehensive Plan June 2021 Project Updates

City and County Elected Officials will Consider Adoption of the Community Goals and Objectives on June 15! 

Planning staff is now bringing the revised Community Goals and Objectives for the Comprehensive Plan through the process to be formally adopted. The public hearing with elected officials for consideration of adoption of the Community Goals and Objectives is scheduled for June 15 at 6pm. This will be a joint meeting with the City Council and the Board of County Commissioners. We invite and encourage you to participate in this public hearing! 

Learn more and join this meeting
Check out the Revised Goals and Objectives

The Durham Planning Commission held the first public hearing on April 27. At this hearing residents shared their perspectives on the process and content of the goals and objectives and Commissioners provided suggestions, feedback, and voted (10-1) in favor of this work. You can watch the meeting here.  

What’s Next for the Comprehensive Plan? 

The Community Goals and Objectives outline the vision of the Durham toward which we want to plan. The next steps include creating the plan and getting ready to implement the plan. Creating the new plan involves a new map and the words, or policies, that accompany it. This means drafting and mapping place types that residents would like to see in Durham and drafting policy recommendations. Staff will prepare for plan implementation by developing measures for tracking implementation, implementation strategies, and an approach for the final document and its adoption. 

Two focus areas have been identified for our Comprehensive Plan work. The Southeast Durham Focus Area was selected based on requests from the Planning Commission and the City Council for near-term recommendations and guidance for how development should occur in this rapidly developing area. The Bragtown Focus Area was selected in response to needs and requests coming from the Bragtown Community Association in light of increased development interest in their neighborhood and of Planning staff’s commitment to equitable engagement and equitable outcomes in this plan. 

Planning staff gave a presentation on this upcoming work to the Joint City-County Planning Committee on June 2.  You can watch the virtual meeting here Visit the updated Process and Timeline page of ENGAGEDurham to learn more about each piece of the plan and the timeline for this work.