Comprehensive Plan April 2021 Project Updates

Engagement Summary for the Community Goals and Objectives

During the Fall of 2020 and Winter of 2021, hundreds of residents shared their input on draft Community Goals and Objectives for the Comprehensive Plan. Through our Engagement Ambassadors, small focus group discussions, and our online engagement, we heard a lot of support for the draft Goals and Objectives. We also heard great suggestions for how to improve, clarify, or change them to more accurately reflect resident needs and priorities. You can take a look at all of the input from residents here. 

Revising Community Goals and Objectives for the Comprehensive Plan

Since the beginning of March, Planning staff has been working with all of this input to revise the drafts to reflect resident suggestions. Similar to our work in drafting the objectives, we started with what we heard through the Engagement Ambassador and small focus group discussions because these methods reached more residents who have been left out of plans like this in the past. We then supplemented that with suggestions from residents and organizations through the online engagement to help further refine and revise the language. The revised Goals and Objectives will be shared out through the ENGAGEDurham site soon!

Community Goals and Objectives Adoption Process 

Planning staff is now bringing the revised Community Goals and Objectives through the process to be formally adopted. Each board below hears an informational presentation from staff on the process to date. Following that meeting, each group will hold a public hearing at a second meetingAt that meeting they will review the proposal, hold a public hearing to hear from residents, and make a decision on the proposal. Here is the schedule for those meetings: 

March 9, 2021 Planning Commission Informational PresentationYou can view that presentation to the Planning Commission here 

April 27, 2021 at 5:30PM Planning Commission Public Hearing – Planning Commission will vote to recommend approval or disapproval and provide comments to the elected boards. 

June 7, 2021 at 9AM Board of County Commissioners Informational Presentation 

June 10, 2021 at 1PM City Council Informational Presentation 

June 15, 2021 at 6PM Special Meeting Joint City Council/Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing – The groups will each vote to approve or disapprove the proposal. 

We invite and encourage you to participate in these public hearings! 

Land Use Process Changes

We have consistently heard from residents that our planning and land use processes need to be reworked to prioritize and serve residents. For example, the Planning Department is responsible for managing requests from property owners and developers to change the zoning of property (known as rezoning or a Zoning Map Change) or to bring property into the city limits (known as an annexation request). In both rezoning and annexation cases, City Council relies on staff, residents, and other agencies and organizations to help guide their decisions.

The Planning Department’s Land Use staff have been working on near term process revisions and are asking residents for input on how to make additional process revisions. Please help us share this opportunity and consider taking the survey by May 1.

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