Comprehensive Plan April 2021 Project Updates 2

Revised Community Goals and Objectives for the Comprehensive Plan

During the Fall of 2020 and Winter of 2021, hundreds of residents shared their input on draft Community Goals and Objectives for the Comprehensive Plan. We heard a lot of support for the draft Goals and Objectives through our Engagement Ambassadors, small focus group discussions, and online engagement. We also heard great suggestions for how to improve, clarify, or change them to more accurately reflect resident needs and priorities.

During the month of March, Planning staff worked with all of this input to revise the drafts to reflect resident suggestions. Similar to our work in drafting the objectives, we started with what we heard through the Engagement Ambassador and small focus group discussions because these methods reached more residents who have been left out of plans like this in the past. We then supplemented that with suggestions from residents and organizations through the online engagement to help further refine and revise the language. 

The link above includes the full revised Goals and Objectives document. View a side-by-side comparison of the older draft and new revised Goals and Objectives on the website.

Planning staff is now bringing the revised Community Goals and Objectives through the process to be formally adopted. The first public hearing is scheduled for April 27 with the Planning Commission. We invite and encourage you to participate in these public hearings!

A New Way to Engage in Rezoning and Annexation Proposals in Durham 

We know that as our community continues to grow and change, we need to change with it to better meet community needs. The ENGAGEDurham Comprehensive Plan process has taught us to learn from our communities, to prioritize historically marginalized and underrepresented voices, and in return, work to educate our community on how land use decisions are made and how they can become a part of the development fabric of Durham. Through this process, we have consistently heard from residents that our planning and land use processes need to be reworked to prioritize and serve residents.  

To meet these needs , the City-County Planning Department has launched an Interactive Map and Community Input Tool through the Land Use Engagement Site.  This tool provides an opportunity for community members to: 

  • Obtain information about zoning map change and annexation petition applications submitted to the Planning Department  
  • Stay updated on engagement opportunities, track the progress of projects, provide input on these projects 
  • See a clear and transparent record of the evolution of a project 
  • See what other community members are saying about development proposals 
  • Learn what information goes into how land use decisions are made 

We encourage you to engage with this site early and often, and stay active in cases that have meaning or impact to you and your community.   

If you have questions about the Land Use Engagement Site, or for questions about land use cases in general, please reach out to