Check out Input from Listening and Learning engagement

By March 24, 2020July 22nd, 2020News, News_CompPlan

Over the past few months of Listening and Learning engagement, we’ve heard from over a thousand residents in workshops, engagement ambassadors’ sessions and an online survey. We are sharing all of this input with City and County staff, elected officials and the community. The raw engagement input is available here. You can take a look, sort by topic or search for specific terms. It’s a lot of information but if you like digging into data – here’s your chance!  

A lot of work has gone into capturing, digitizing and sharing this information and there’s much more to come as we build upon this information to design our next round of engagement.  

At this time the input has only been topically themed so that we can work together to refine this information as we work towards Community Goals for the new comprehensive plan and transit plan.  

Next we will share out some high level analysis of what we’ve heard, the demographic summaries for each type of engagement that was done, and provide an opportunity for you to help shape what’s next!