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What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

The Comprehensive Plan is Durham’s strategy for how we manage growth and development over the next 5, 10, 20 yearsThe Comprehensive Plan decides what can be built where in Durham. It decides what size and kind of homes can be built in what part of the City and County, where schools and businesses can be built, and where streets can run through. The plan will have strategies on where and how development can happen. It will also guide how the City and County should provide public buildings, amenities, and services to support future growth. 

Since the development of our current Comprehensive Plan in 2005, Durham has added approximately 49,000 new jobs and 57,000 new residents. Over the next decade, we are projected to add an additional 19,000 jobs and 43,000 new residents. Durham is changing, and it is critical we have clear policies on a variety of issues for the future. 

The City and County are undertaking this work using a racial equity lens. As a broad vision document, our Comprehensive Plan needs to be updated to address racial equity in our growth and development outcomes and to begin to address the historical inequities in past land use and transportation decisions. In order to do that we need to ensure that all voices are heard, in particular the voices of vulnerable communities, those that have been traditionally underrepresented or not been heard at all.