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Posted on: July 25, 2022

July 2022 Project Updates

Thank you for your input on draft policies!

The first engagement on draft policies that ran from late April through the end of June is now closed. Thank you to all the residents and staff who helped draft these policies, engaged residents on these drafts, and provided input on how to improve the draft policies! Over the next couple months, staff will be reviewing all the input received and working to make the final draft policies better align with resident perspectives, priorities, and with the adopted Community Goals and Objectives. Staff will also be drafting an engagement summary that shares how we engaged and who we heard from. The engagement summary will be published along with a full de-identified version of all the input we received during this phase.

More Input Opportunities will be Coming!

This recent engagement phase is not the end of opportunities for the community to review and provide feedback on the draft plan components. We will continue to take feedback and to incorporate feedback as we revise the draft policies this summer. In the fall we will release a draft of the full plan and will again seek feedback and incorporate revisions before the plan is brought to our elected officials for adoption. Residents will continue to have opportunities to review, ask questions, get answers, and provide comments up to and through the adoption process. We anticipate the adoption process will begin this winter (late 2022 or early 2023). If you have feedback or questions, please feel free to contact and please sign up for our mailing list to ensure you receive future project updates! 

Check out major milestones on the project so far!

For information on the project to date, we encourage you to check out the Process and Timeline page on our website. There, you can see how the project has progressed over the last three years, what residents said along the way, how that has shaped the plan, and what is coming next. We have recently added the full text of the draft policies to this page.  

In addition, archived materials from past engagements are still up on our Social Pinpoint website. There you can see the information that was shared for input on the place type map, place type guide, and policies over the last year since the Community Goals and Objectives were adopted. 

What’s next? 

The full draft Comprehensive Plan will include: 

  • The adopted Community Goals and Objectives,
  • A revised version of the Place Type Map, Place Type Guide, and Policies, and 
  • (New) Action Items and an Implementation framework.  

We anticipate sharing this full draft with the community in one more round of community engagement this fall. Following that engagement, we will be bringing the new plan through the adoption process which will include public hearings with the Planning Commission, the City Council, and the County Commissioners for additional public input and consideration of adoption. Community input is welcome throughout the process of adopting this plan! 

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