Project Goals

Key goals of the project are to implement the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan, make the UDO easier to use, and update development rules based on current State law and planning best practices. The project team is also reviewing other City- and County-wide adopted plans and policy documents for guidance.

Organization and User Friendliness

Organization and User Friendliness

  • Make the UDO clearer and easier to use
  • Simplify the approval process
Housing Choice Affordability

Housing Choice and Affordability

  • Allow for a greater mix of housing types throughout Durham 
  • Encourage the creation of more affordable housing
Built Environment

Built Environment 

  • Promote transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly development patterns
  • Help to preserve Durham's character and history while focusing on infill development
Recreation Open Space Sustainability

Recreation, Open Space, and Sustainability

  • Increase open space and tree canopy throughout Durham
  • Promote sustainable development and increase the preservation of natural areas
Comprehensive Plan Implementation

Comprehensive Plan Implementation

  • Implement the actions and policy goals of the Comprehensive Plan and other adopted City and County plans and policies